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Planning a Fondue Party

Posted on March 24, 2022 by Chase Demko

Fondue is definitely an intimate dinner for just two or perhaps a fun interactive party for several friends. When planning for a fondue party you need to plan for the sit back dinner or perhaps a fondue buffet.

When selecting a sit back dinner style there are some rules to check out which will keep all of the quests happy and having a great time.

  • Include forget about that 6 people in the dinner. The logistics greater than 6 becomes apparent when all of the quests make an effort to reach the fondue pot.
  • Put a table cloth up for grabs in order that any drippings usually do not damage the table.
  • Place the fondue pot in the heart of the table. All of the quests will be able to reach the fondue pot from their seats.
  • Prepare two trays of every item for dipping. In this manner your guests that are at each end of the table will easily have the ability to reach their desired dipper.
  • Serve each span of fondue separately. Start out with cheese, then your broth or oil and finish with dessert.
  • A fondue buffet permits more flexibility in serving. The tables could be create in a buffet style with the cheese fondue pot at one end and the broth or oil at another end. Another dessert table could be set up along with of the cheese and broth table.

    If you're serving a more substantial group accommodate the requirements by having several pot of every course on the buffet. In this manner guests can mill around and visit whilst having quick access to the meal.

    For both forms of fondue party this is a good notion to serve exactly the same wine for drinking as was useful for cooking. A top quality dry white wine in the cheese fondue and a burgandy or merlot wine in the beef fondue.