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Do You Have Lots of Turkey Leftovers

Posted on November 12, 2022 by Chase Demko

When Thanksgiving has ended and all of your company went home what now ? with those turkey leftovers? You will want to try freezing them. By freezing your turkey leftovers it is possible to take pleasure from fresh roasted turkey months from now when Thanksgiving and turkey leftovers certainly are a thing of days gone by.

Freezing turkey leftovers can be an easy and inexpensive way it is possible to extend the life span of one's turkey leftovers by way of a couple of months. Turkey leftovers could be frozen around 90 days with great results. Below are a few quick ideas to make your freezing successful.

  • Freeze turkey in portions your loved ones use.
  • Slice, cube and chop the turkey meat for easy packaging.
  • Use zipper freezer bags for simple storage.
  • Freeze turkey with stock and vegetables to make quick stew.
  • Stir fry turkey with vegetables and freeze when prepared to use thaw and serve over cooked rice.
  • Freeze pre-made turkey sandwiches, turkey quiche and turkey casseroles.
  • Frozen turkey sandwiches could be submitted lunches for work or school.
  • If you merely have handful of turkey leftover, freeze in bite size pieces. Then your the next time you have leftovers it is possible to grab the frozen turkey leftovers and add it to casseroles or pot pie.