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Green Tea Brewing Guide

Posted on July 21, 2021 by Chase Demko

Green tea is thought to have many healthy benefits. For those who have ever tasted a good cup of green tea it could be reviving and yummy. However the delicate nature of this tea does require a certain watchful eye when preparing it. Here's an easy to follow guide on the best way best to brew an outstanding cup of green tea.

* Use premium quality tea a lesser quality won't yield as good a taste.

* If using lesser quality, boil water and simmer for a longer time period. This can help extract the flavors.

* Then using the favored premium quality tea don't boil the water. Gently warm the water and steep the tea. Steep for about half the time recommended, if let go too long the taste will turn sour and sharp.

* Never use an aluminum kettle to boil water. It will alter the flavor of this tea. A cooper pot is best.

* Use only porcelain or ceramic to steep the tea.

* When the water does boil let it cool for 1-3 minutes before adding the tea. To ascertain the appropriate water temperature, check the direction of the steam. If the steam is drifting up the water is too hot. After the steam melts down the water is at the correct temperature.